Game Information
Game Name Ahrwynn
Nickname(s) "Little White Rabbit"
Race Aquilonian
Class Barbarian
Guild Currently Unaligned
Professions Adventurer
Height 5'0"
Weight 95 lb.
Build Slight
Hair Pale
Eyes Blue
Age Mid-30s (?)

Ahrwynn in Cimmeria



She came to us still nary a child, far to young to be wandering the wilds alone. Famished and shivering with the December chill, huddled by the roadside. My husband Thorbil discovered her while gathering firewood. She was a tiny creature. And so pale...she nearly disappeared against the winter's snow.

Over time, her name came to be Ahrwynn, meaning "little white rabbit." I remember she moved with an almost animal grace. Though she trained and fought as the boys did (much to Thorbil's chigrin) her frail form could hardly raise a great sword, let alone wield one. So my husband made two smaller swords for her, that she could stand up to the boy's hazing. Yes, like a little rabbit she would dash about, cross streams, over rocks, only to disappear into the brush and suddenly reemerge to lay an embarassing defeat upon the boy who would challenge her.

At the Barricade

Current HomeEdit

Ahrwynn has called Conarch Village home and it's people family for nearly two decades now. Nestled in the great Cimmerian peaks at the head of the Conall's Valley, Conarch is a city where the many tribes come together as brothers, a city unspoiled by the machinations of "civilization".

Ahrwynn picture000 00000


Despite denying all ties to her land of birth, her Aquilonian heritage is unmistakable.

Ahrwynn picture006 00000


The Stand



Born Marias Aquianis in the grand city of Tarantia,

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