Game Information
Game Name Athdar
Nickname(s) The Wanderer, Old Man, Pathfinder
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Guild Dreamers of Nithia
Professions Architect, Alchemy
Height ~6 feet
Weight ~150 pounds
Build fit
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Age ~45-55 years
Alignment Neutral Good


His face is weathered but calm. Two scars run down his left cheek from some old war wound. He bears several rank tattoos on his arm from various disbanded or wiped out armies. On his back is the largest from when he fought in the Seven seal war. It has several intricate patterns that are part of a magic ward. Scars on his back indicate someone tried to alter the ward or resorted to physical torture at some point.


Loyal to those he calls friends and as long as you don’t threaten him you’re on his good list. Tends to look at things with a mind set on vulnerabilities and security aspects. At times he lets his age show but when things get tough he appears to become younger and stronger as if able to tap into some hidden reserve.


Although Athdar's clan still roams the territory of Cimmeria he has become distanced from it for some time. He has fought in many battles for many people and many reasons. You'll be hard pressed to get a war story out of him as the battles were over things long forgotten or in lands no one cares about. His tattoos and markings are the only evidence of his past. Although he doesn't talk about them he isn't ashamed of them and doesn't try to cover them up. On his back the largest tattoo on his body is from his campaign in the Seven Seal War. It was a costly war that cost him many of his clansmen and robbed him of his warrior sister. Her fiancé, Kern, who also traveled with them to battle, never blamed Athdar but he kept much of the guilt for her death. Athdar gave over his right to lead the clan, to Kern who was reluctant to see his brother-in-law go.

Athdar would spend the next several decades traveling to far off places keeping remote ties to the clan, gathering allies, trade relations, and fighting for those who would pay. Eventually returning to the mountains of Cimmeria, Athdar wandered between the tribes and villages aiding the clan chiefs when they asked for it. One morning he came across an ambushed wagon train. There he found his brother pinned to a tree and dying. His dying breath would send Athdar back into the world of adventure and the lands of Hyboria.

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