Have you joined a PvE server but still have a desperate need to spill a little of your fellow players blood? If so, this is the event for you. The Bloodbath PvP Event is one glorious hour of mini-game PvP combat that can help satisfy your needs.

This event is designed to get as many players as possible joining the PvP mini-games at the same time. This ensures that everyone can participate in the matches.

The mini-games are great practice for PvP, they help build teamwork and they earn Guild PvP Points that you will need for sieges.

The Bloodbath PvP Event is held every week:

Saturday at 6pm PST (9pm EST)

So queue up and Reap the Blood of your opponents!

How Mini-Games WorkEdit

You can join the queue of a mini game by clicking the button on the top left of your screen that opens the Players and PvP window. You then select the PvP tab and select what type of game you want to join.

Right now there is Annihilate and Capture the Skull. Both are team based. For a game to start you need 6 players for each team to join the queue for a total of at least 12 players of your level tier.

It ranks you in level tiers. 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, and 61-80. Everyone in the instanced game will have their level changed to one level below the max in their tier. So 19, 39, 59, and 79.

If you are in a group before you join the queue for a game you can actually sign up your group for the PvP mini game, if you are in the same level range.

The PvP mini games are great practice for PvP and can earn your character PvP experience and your guild PvP points.

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