Game Information
Game Name Bronmai
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Hair Dark
Age 18
Alignment Neutral Good


Bronmai would call herself petite, and for a Cimmerian she might be, though her height and weight are fairly average when compared to other races. Her dark hair is tied into two simple braids, and her skin is very lightly tanned. She dresses in modest clothes and sometimes carries a large, thick stick for self-protection, though she is rarely seen using it.


Bronmai's own mother has been tearfully quoted as saying, "If I hadn't bore her myself, I wouldn't believe that there was any Northern blood in her at all." Much to the chagrin of her family and clan, Bronmai was born with a never-fading smile. No matter how many times they placed a club in her hand, they'd often find it strewn aside at the base of a cliff, where the ever-curious girl had climbed up to get a better look at their corner of the valley. Bronmai subscribes to many lusts, but bloodlust has never been one of them.

She has a way of bringing a light heart and an interesting story to any campfire or table. Her favorite thing is to meet and fall in love with the random strangers around her, and to get up in the morning, move taverns, and do it all over again the next day. She can't be depended on to be anywhere for more than a day or two at a stretch, as she moves where the wind blows and follows her whims, which gives her an air of fickleness or irresponsibility - possibly a fair characterization, but unfair to her genuine and kind nature.


To come.

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