Calily of Calla
Game Information
Game Name Calily
Title(s) Honored Consort
Nickname(s) Lily
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Guild Eternal Coil
Professions gemcraft, alchemy
Height 5' 2"
Weight 115
Build curvy
Gender female
Hair white
Eyes blue-green
Age Approximately 17 or 18 years old
Alignment Good among Evil


Calily is the ordained consort of Terathul, Heirophant of Callatep and of the player city of Calla. Terathul leads the order of the Eternal Coil with Calily by his side. The Eternal Coil is a sect that follows the demon, Callatep, a demon that proclaims himself a speaker for Set. The members call themselves Keepers of the Vault. Calily's story can be found at: [1] as well as here at Wiccana Wiki at: Sahib of Calla.

(She is also known as "Calilly" and "Callily" where she studies the other two rogue classes of Ranger and Barbarian)

She is was a good aligned person, of the Light, living among the evil, those followers of the Dark who are called by the demon, Callatep. She is being used by the demon as the catalyst and counter-balance of their evil powers, to give darkness a "light source" from which their Shadows can be cast. While living among them, she is being forced to live a life of hedonistic debauchery, forced to learn the skills of a spy and assassin, and destined to bear the future heirs and disciples of the Callatep bloodline for their High Priest, Terathul.

She also has a recently discovered sister, Rosahra whose story can be found at Flowers of the Desert


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