Basic Information
Race Demon
Title(s) Coil of Set
Gender varies depending on how it wishes to appear to the person it approaches
Age timeless
Creator poCalily
Players With Interest Terathul, Calily of Calla, and all members of the guild, Eternal Coil

Notes on NPCEdit

Callatep is an NPC that is part of the Eternal Coil lore within the game Age of Conan, on the Wiccana server.


This demon can appear in many forms, but most often appears as demon, as smoky shadow, as a whirling dervish entity or as a snake of varying sizes and colors. It appears in whatever form will either please or horrify the person it is contacting.


This demon has Egyptian, Arabian and East Indian influences and flavors to it, mainly Egyptian with the claims of being a Coil of Set, but there are also strong Arabian genii and Hindu influences.


Callatep was once the patron deity of the family taking its name for their surname, Calla. Their power grew in ancient times, their homestead growing to an estate, an estate that grew to a town, and then a full city. The city fell in time and the power of Callatep ebbed. The demon awaited the passing of time, meditating on how to regain its strength through the use of the Calla bloodline. It claims to teach the Word of Set, that it is a living coil of Set and thus claims to have the power and authority of Set. Though this is highly unlikely, and is most likely a lie by the demon, it does not stop it from using its own power and its lies to gain followers to worship it.

Callatep has set in motion a bid to regain its power and hold within Stygia and has cultivated the powers of its chosen representative, the Heirophant Terathul of Calla, and by using a false prophecy to lead Terathul to his ordained consort, Calily of Calla who he keeps by his side at Callatep's command. Together with the followers of Callatep, a sect known as the Eternal Coil who call themselves "Keepers of the Vault," are erecting the new city of Calla on top of the buried ruins of the old city of Calla that lies beneath the edge of the Purple Lotus Swamp.

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