Coirbte the Clanless
Game Information
Game Name Coirbte
Nickname(s) Bit
Race Cimmerian
Class Conqueror
Guild Derketo's Embrace
Height 5’3”
Weight 132
Build Thin but muscular
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Age 18


Small but powerfully built, this is not a redhead to be trifled with. She has a smear of black across her eyes as a sign that she has no memory of her past, and no clan affiliation.


Easy going, and protective of those around her, she is quick to anger if someone asks her about her past or what clan she belongs to.


She does not know, all she remembers is waking up outside of Conarch Village, wet, cold and hurting. She walked into the village and found a warm spot next to a fire in the Pub. After awhile she found work in the Pub waiting on the Cimmerians that would come in to drink away the pain of their daily grind.

One day, The call went out for all to aid against the invading Vanir, and Coirbte answered and she has been fighting ever since

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