Craft of Aquilonia
Game Information
Game Name Craft
Nickname(s) Crafticus, Crafty
Race Aquilonian
Class Guardian
Height 6'8
Weight 255
Build Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Age 32


Craft is tall, broad shouldered. He has a muscular build from previous years of service in the army. He now wears his dark hair long and unkempt and sports a beard and can often found smiling.


Craft's a veteran of military service, having been a soldier in the Black Legion. He moved through the ranks by being focused and an excellent strategist. He was mostly well liked by his fellow soldiers because of his unwavering loyalty, and his sense of humour. Craft, however, does tend to get himself into more trouble then most due to his often sarcastic nature and ability to speak before thinking.


Craft was born as the eldest child of a minorly noble family in Tarantia. Craft's childhood was spent from an early age preparing for a soldier's life. His parentage did not provide him with riches, but would provide him with the opportunity to advance in the Black Legion.

Joining at the age of 16, Craft served and worked his way up through military service over the next decade and a half, eventually earning a commanding position and a decent salary. He gained experience in horsemanship and served as a member of the Aquilonian Cavalry.

By the age of 30, Craft began to grow weary of his life in the military, and made plans to leave that life behind and become, for what seemed to be the first time in his life, a civilian. His savings from his military career were meager, however, and to begin the life Craft had sought he took up the role of mercenary -- Many factions would pay well for an experienced warrior, and with rumours of an uprising in the Baracha Isles, Craft booked passage to the Western Sea to earn his keep there...

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