Deshar Shem
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Mercenary
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus Roleplay
  3rd Focus PvE
Size 40+
Guild Master Zodd, Verianna
Contacts Zodd, Verianna
City Purple Lotus Swamp, Instance 1, NW location
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone All US

Basic InformationEdit

"You seek power and wealth as much as any other but your true desire can only be found in combat. The lust for battle flows red-hot through your veins. You revel in the dance of death, feeding off the screams of your enemies and drinking the blood of the fallen. We understand your suffering. We know all too well the hunger caged inside, begging to be set free. Come with us friend, and reap the blood from the fields of war!"

Deshar Shem is the Stygian translation for Blood Reapers. We were born from the razed and blood soaked lands of a Cimmerian lord and transformed through the foul magics of Stygian mystics. We seek battle and carnage to sustain our power and those with weak hearts will find themselves upon the altar.

General Information:

-We are a group of Mercenaries who enjoy all aspects of the game whether it's fighting other players, seeking blood in the depths of a dungeon or just relaxing with a night of RP.

-Deshar Shem has a (not so) secret city located in the lush jungles of the Purple Lotus Swamp. It can be found in the NW section of Instance 1. We are currently working through Tier 3 structures.

-We currently have 40+ members. Deshar Shem is not looking to become a huge guild and we choose our members carefully.

-We do have a Ventrillo server for PvP or Raids but it is not required during normal play.

-We have members from both coasts of the US and in between. Most tend to play later in the evening.

-We accept all Races and all Classes. All you need is bloodlust in your heart.

Contact Information:

Send a message to the following people...

Guild Leaders : Zodd, Verianna

Or email

How To Apply:

Go to our website located at

Click the ‘Apply’ button located under our Member Info section. Fill out the Application completely.

Click the ‘Forum’ botton also located in the Member Info section. Register for our forum. We won’t accept forum registration without a member application so do both.

The Council will review your application and send you a response either in-game or via email.

Join us for our weekly Bloodbath PvP Event held every Saturday at 6pm Pacific!

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