The Devoted
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Adult
Primary Focus Roleplay
Size Small
Guild Master Xephereth
Website Forum

About The DevotedEdit

No one is quite as willing to give plenty as a frustrated wife.

Hyborea knows wenches aplenty. They stand at every corner, whisper into every man's ear, women of the night. But what about those who do not burn for the soft curves of a woman, but the strong angles of a man? Or those who long for the smooth skin of a boy?
The Devoted are men who offer themselves to the bored, the frustrated, the youth-seeking or simply the so-inclined women (and men) of Hyborea, as entertainment, as pleasure or just as company.


IC Idea: The guild 'The Devoted' operates under the idea of the male high-class courtesan. To the public, members offer their service from simple escorts at social events over entertainment to sexual pleasure. The guild is under leadership of Xephereth, a gorgeous Stygian with a charming smile, who is known to be one of the most lenient brothel owners one can find.
On the inside, the good money one gains from such services is only a small motivation for the guild and its leader. Members use their skills and position to gain information, favours and sometimes other non-specific things from their customers, which are collected by Xephereth for reasons only those truly close to him know.

OOC Idea: AoC, due to its M rating, has plenty of adult-themed guilds, but most of these are either purely female characters or female dominated. The Devoted is a male counterpart to this, offering those interested in it to include the aspect of male sexuality as a good/service in their RP. The idea is strongly inspired by high-class prostitutes such as the japanese oiran or the greek hetaera.
Members are free to chose how far they want to go in their RP. The only common thread all members have to follow is the reporting to Xephereth.'The Devoted' not only refers to devotion to the customer but also devotion to Xephereth's cause.


For the time being, application to the guild is to be done only on the forums in this thread by filling out the application template.