Dread Knights
Primary Focus [[:Category:PvE/light PvP-Focused {{{REQUIREDguildORgroup}}}s| PvE/light PvP]] [[Category:PvE/light PvP-Focused {{{REQUIREDguildORgroup}}}s]]
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone All

Basic InformationEdit

Founder: Drakkun

GL: Tyerlious

GO's: Sycks Emelita Lerroy Drakkun

The Dread Knights were founded in Star wars galaxies by Drakkun, he stepped down as leader because he wasn't able to be as active as he was in star wars. Sycks and Ty stepped up and built Dread on AOC. Dread Has been together for over a year and usually runs as a self sustaining guild were possible. Not that were anti-social or anything, just another aspect we just do lol. We Dreads love to have a good time. Some times thats just goofing around, sometimes we have fun kickin serious tail. Were a helpful bunch, we wont go out and level for you we will take you around and help. We help with gear as much as we can.

Recently Weve been called on to help in seiges. Its been a great expierience for myself, The last one has left a bad taste in our mouths, about a guild, as well as other actions this guild has taken as of late. Which has black balled them with us. They will no longer recieve any aid from Dread as long as they remain on wiccana. Other guilds we will help anytime they ask.

If you have any questions, please send an ingame mail to ty or any of the guild officers. Also feel free to register to our website and chat it up. Do not expect a warm welcome if you intend to cause grief or troll our forums.

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