Elders of Hyboria
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PVE
  2nd Focus Quests/Raids
  3rd Focus Fun!
Size 40+ (including Alts) 15 Mains
Guild Master Alexie
Contacts Alexie, Annias, Mystica, Kenna, Tevin
City Lacheish Plains Instance 28 NE City
Teamspeak No
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone US, Canada, Mexico

Basic InformationEdit

Elders of Hyboria is a guild created so that older players can come together and experience The Age of Conan.

Most of our members are older(30+), some retired, while others have grandchildren who play as well. We have minimal rules, no mandatory play time, no mandatory donation of materials.. just fun!. Although we have no age requirement, we request that only mature adults apply.

General Information:

-We are a group of older, mature adults who play this game for fun.

-We have a complete Tier1 city with all walls included and have just upgraded the Keep to Tier2

-We currently have 40+ members (including alts). We are not a Super Guild nor are we seeking to become one. We simply require that you like to have fun

-Leave the Drama at the door. Mature players only. (no age requirement)

-We do have a Ventrillo server.

-We have members from US, Canada, and Mexico spanning many time zones.

-We accept all Races and all Classes

Contact Information:

Send a message to the following people...

Guild Leaders : Alexie, Mystica

Guild Officers: Annias, Mystica, Kenna, Alexie

Send Ingame Inquiries to Alexie, Annias, Mystica, Tevin, or Kenna (or several for faster response)

How To Apply:

Send an ingame mail via the Trader to any of the above named members.

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