Eternal Coil
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Evil Religion
Primary Focus Roleplay
Guild Master Terathul
Contacts Terathul, Calily of Calla, Khaiti, Jenallia, Tacia, Druce
City The City of Calla, Purple Lotus Swamp (Instance 23)
Ventrilo no
Time Zone EST through PST

Basic InformationEdit

We are an evil aligned guild in Age of Conan on the Unofficial Roleplay Server, Wiccana. We accept all races and classes, as long as those classes do not spout the graces of Mitra and Crom. Exiled Priests of Mitra are welcome, but they must be exiled and not following the faith of our enemy.

We are a Heavy Roleplay guild. We are in-character in /say as well as guild chat, using our ritually imbued Ouroborus pins to communicate with each other. What is an Ouroborus? It's an ancient symbol of eternity, a never ending circle of a great snake biting its tail. We fully expect to enjoy roleplay against the good guilds, because every good guild in a game, needs an evil counterpart. We aim to be that counterpart.

Where other guilds are seeking to find the relics of Acheron and Atlantis, to keep them away from the evil that would use them, we are that darkness, seeking those relics to obtain power and dominion, wealth and even perhaps immortality. We aspire to seed ourselves into the governments and kingdoms of the world, to gain might, to shape the world into the image we see fit, as guided by the Coil.

Our guild has a detailed lore, following a demon god, Callatep.

Also, be aware this is a guild for mature roleplayers. There will be mature subject matter, and sometimes explicit subject matter which will appear in the separate forum provided that is password protected. You must be 18+ to join.

((IC GUILD CHAT, OOC chatter is expected to be kept to a minimum in guild chat))

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