Game Information
Game Name Gimme
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild Twilight Kingdom
Professions courtesan, adventurer, explorer
Height 5'6"
Build athletic
Gender female
Hair blond
Eyes gold
Age 24
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Gimme is a shapely, athletic build. Her golden eyes give the impression of gullibility, but she can be perceptive... when it suits her. Although fair in complexion - for a Stygian, that is - she bears no title and comes from a humble bloodline. Her blond hair, golden eyes, fair complexion and social graces have gotten her into many cosmopolitan venues merely because she looks and acts like she belongs there. Although a courtesan, she abhors too much makeup; fortunately her natural beauty can accommodate such a luxury to go without.


Being blond she constantly fights the stereotype. Although sophisticated and polished she has her moments of confusion, embarrassment and knavery. Though she loves the attention that gentlemen and lords bestow upon her, she also has a shy, candid innocence which leads to her submissive demeanor. She knows her place in life and accepts it. She does dream of glory and riches, which also helps sate her curiosity of the world around her. Since she was a little girl she'd dreamt of venturing beyond the confines of Stygia's capital, Khemi. Her Aunt Bejume was a strict disciplinarian and was also a Tempest of Set. Bejumi is largely responsible for refining young Gimme, but having such a domineering presence growing up may have also contributed to her quiet, compliant demeanor.


Although a tomboy until the age of nine, Gimme was forced to live with her Aunt Bejume after her mother, Minyet - a streetwalker - contracted "consumption" (commonly called "tuberculosis" in the outer realms). Shortly after her departure, her mother passed leaving Gimme with a guilt that haunts her to this day. She dearly loved her mother and still hums some of the tunes that Minyet sang as she did laundry, cooked or entertained 'guests.' Gimme never knew her father.

Comparatively speaking, Aunt Bejume's home was huge by comparison. With such a demanding presence, Gimme quickly stopped playing with boys in the mud, stopped spitting and even started wearing ribbons in her hair. Being unusually curious Gimme desired to learn as much about Set as possible. She wanted to do the 'parlor tricks' that her aunt did. Aunt Bejume - being a resourceful woman - used this desire as leverage. Aunt Bejume learned that her insatiable appetite for knowledge of anything dealing with Set was the perfect "gem" to barter for refining her young niece.

Gimme never had to go without attention from the lords and gentlemen that frequented her Aunt's estate. Although they never spoke of it, Gimme can't help but think that perhaps her Aunt Bejume was a courtesan too. Either that or Aunt Bejume was just an extremely fortunate and popular woman. Gimme became a lady under Aunt Bejume's tutelage and for that Gimme is considerably grateful.

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