Grey Fox Company
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
Guild Master Grimmhildr
Contacts Any guild member
City West Poitain, 36.

The Grey FoxEdit

Founded sometime in his youth, a young man who would only be known as the Grey Fox formed the small band of warriors that would become known as the Grey Fox Company. A charismatic man, the Fox would lead his mercenary company to all corners of Hyboria, earning the reputation of somewhat a unscrupulous leader, able to either charm, negotiate or intimidate better payoffs for contracts.

From harsh northland of Cimmeria to the dark deserts of Stygia, the Fox, mischievously almost, spilled blood and conquered women as he and his men wandered the land. In Cimmeria the Fox would hire the warrior known as Kormok, a brooding warrior who proved invaluable to the building and destruction of fortifications. Years later, the Fox would find a slave girl in Tortage, Grimmhildr, who managed to find a place in the heart of Fox. Liberating her from her life as a prostitute, The Fox initially had intended to train the brawny girl as a second in command, only to become smitten with her as he found a kindred spirit in her, a woman as crass and free spirited as he.

This way of life would continue for a few years, until the great war that would split Aquilonia between Conan and the sorcerer Xaltotun. Hired as a part of Conan's warhost, the Fox found himself a battle in a scale beyond his reckoning. Many of the company died in the battles that would reclaim Aquilonia, and in one of the final battles fell The Fox himself. As dawn broke, and the battlefield quiet, Grimmhildr was left as the sole authoritative figure with a handful of Foxes left alive. It was with dawn that brought the stranger Dagvar of Lusche to the band, who without word and only quiet dirges, began to bury the company's dead. When asked why, it was only replied "It was what the Fox wanted."

"It was what the Fox wanted." These words would be echoed by the woman Grimmhildr. Seeing her lover given a proper burial, she gathered what remained of the Foxes. Her orders were simple, to continue as they always had. She would see the Company back to its former strength, and in memory of the Fox to greater heights than before. It would still be the unscrupulous band of dregs and outcasts, warriors and soldiers, but it would be something the Fox could only dream of. "It will be what he wanted. His name known all across Hyboria."

About us Edit

We're a group of guild mates from Earthen Ring on WoW that have gathered to play and RP casually with each other on Wiccana. Any and all RP contact with us is welcome.

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