Game Information
Game Name Age of Conan
Title(s) Heraclea
Race Aquilonian
Class Conqueror
Guild Shadow Company
Professions Weaponsmithing and gemcutting
Height 6' 1
Weight 145
Build Muscular and robust
Gender Female
Hair Jet black
Eyes Blue
Age 37
Alignment Neutral Good

Heraclea. formally Heraclea Androphonissa, is a conqueror, an Amazon style warrior, and a member of the guild The Shadow Company.


Heraclea is a mountain of a woman, especially for an Aquilonian. She is tall, broad shouldered, and powerfully built, the result of a lifetime dedicated to physical training, with long, jet-black hair.


Heraclea tends to be brusque, laconic, stoical, and determined. She tends to have very low expectations of other people and the world, and a cruel sense of irony. She often remarks on the absurdity of what she sees.



The raven, symbol of the Morrigan.

In the hills along the border between Aquilonia and Cimmeria, there stands a temple and community dedicated to the goddess Morrigan, known elsewhere as Anath. Women rule here; males are forbidden to spend an entire day there within the walls. The women here are entirely devoted to the arts of war and discipline of martial arts, armed and unarmed; they seek to combine Aquilonian discipline with Cimmerian hardiness to perfect an ideal fighting force. Female escaped slaves find refuge here, and training, as do fugitives from harems or unhappy marriages. Those who would try to claim them back as property return empty-handed if they return at all.

They accept female orphans and abandoned children, without regard to race, and train them. Heraclea is one of those. She was given the surname Androphonissa, which is bestowed upon all Aquilonian children of unknown parents.

Members of this group travel, seeking likely recruits, and generally seeking to instruct women of all areas in martial arts and self-reliance. Heraclea was on such a mission when her adventure began.

She is, at least for the moment, a strong supporter of the Aquilonian throne. Aquilonia strikes her, and the sisterhood of the Morrigan, as the most promising place to establish the coming gynarchy, and the laws of Aquilonia provide the foundation for doing so with a minimum of bloodshed. Yes, King Conan is a man. But he is also the enemy of Thoth-Amon, who is also Heraclea's personal enemy.

The King ages. He is not immortal. And, if the natural order is in force at the royal household, he is Zenobia's figurehead in any case. Zenobia is with child, and may bear him a daughter. That daughter will require training in the art of war. Heraclea knows a group of women for whom that training is a holy calling. And besides, it is possible that the King may beget daughters on other women.


  • "Everything has a weak spot. On a man, it's always the same place."
  • "Men are always going on about how hard they are. Who'd have thought they bruise so easy?"
  • "Men are animals. The King is a magnificent animal."
  • "Sex is the continuation of war by other means."
  • "Stygians bring curses. Nothing to be surprised at."
  • "Surrender now, or gentle persuasion will be applied."
  • "I kill people with swords. I'm a negotiation consultant."
  • "This job calls for my typical subtlety and finesse."

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