House Blackfyre
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Stygian Noble House
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvE
  3rd Focus PvP
Size Small
Guild Master Waeve Blackfyre
Contacts Waeve, Nagina, Antanya, Nadella
City Frostbound
Teamspeak no
Ventrilo no
Time Zone Est./Cent.

House BlackFyreEdit

Basic InformationEdit

House Blackfyre is a Stygian noble house, with His Lordship, Waeve as head of the house. Below him is the Captain of the Guards, and the Kadins, or head of the Harem

While His Lordship is Stygian, he is in exile from his homeland, and few members of his house chose to follow him. As such, His Lordship has begun to take on non-Stygians, although it is against his nature.

History of House BlackfyreEdit

His Lordship Waeve is the 7th Lord of House Blackfyre, making it one of the oldest Noble houses in Stygia, and until recent events, among the most respected. His Lordships unfortunate exile, and the events that led up to it, have brought to the house great loss of status, which can only be reclaimed by His Lordship being cleared of the charges against him.


House Blackfyre is based upon the standard Noble house, however, while His Lordship, along with his two Commandants, makes the majority of the decisions, all members of the house have a say in any major decisions. The decisions of His Lordship, and the rules of the house, will be enforced by His Lordship's Knights. The bulk of House Blackfyre is made up of Squires, who are the common soldiers, and Vassals, or the Servants of his Lordship. Being Stygian, His Lordship does posses a Harem, although they are provided for the benefit of the soldiers, instead of His Lordship's personal use.


His Lordship is rebuilding the House. After a forced absence, due to the minions of Thoth-Amon, His Lordship has returned to find His House in ruins, His subjects fled or missing. Waeve now searches for those of honor and courage to once again swell the ranks of House Blackfire


His Lordship, Waeve, Seventh Lord of House Blackfyre

Commandants: Lady Nagina

Knights: Lady Antanya Lady Nadella

Squires: Xetem

Vassals: Vhiellhiem

Aspirants: Uttuku

Joining His Lordships HouseholdEdit

His Lordship is looking for anything from Servants, to Guards, and even whores for his soldiers. If you wish to fulfill one of these rolls, seek out either His Lordship, His Lordship's Commandants, or one of His Lordship's Knights to begin the application and interview process.

Rules of House BlackfyreEdit

((more to come))

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