Age: ::: Nineteen
Race: ::: Argossean (Aquilonian) ....
Class: ::: Assassin
Guild: ::: Harlots of the Pirate Isles....
Nicknames: ::: Little Captain, Gutterfly
Gender: ::: Female
Height: ::: 5’ 6”
Weight: ::: 125 lbs.
Build: ::: Slender
Hair: ::: Short blonde
Eyes: ::: Amber
Skin: ::: Tanned
Alignment: ::: Neutral Evil



The young girl stood barely higher than five and a half feet tall. Her body was slender, muscles only slightly defined beneath the last vestiges of baby fat still carried upon her frame. Short blonde hair, cut by razor in an uneven manner, grew longer at the top and front than above her long neck. Nearly white, it carried the hue of pale bone more so than golden locks and stood in rather stark contrast to her tanned flesh. The ocean’s scent clung to her like a familiar friend, leading one to believe her lot in life was aboard some ship sailing the salty waves. The lack of shoes provided further evidence of this, though a whispered confession once admitted a fetish for women’s feet, her own included. Most piercing were the eyes, their amber depths appropriate considering her feline name. Those twin orbs danced constantly in their place within her heart-shaped face, an odd mixture of barely suppressed mirth mingled with a rat’s nervousness.


Generally speaking, Kaat’s personality is a mixture of youthful immaturity and hard-learned lessons from a difficult life. Recent events have given her pause, forcing her to take a long, hard look at where she’s been and where she wants to go. Her intelligence allows recognition of weak spots and a heightened awareness of characteristics she possesses which many may find annoying, unusual or....unsettling.

Among strangers:
She tries oh so very hard to project an image of cool calmness but often fails in embarrassingly spectacular displays. It seems impossible for her lips to keep shut and intimidation is all but impossible for her to generate. However, she does manage to gather quite a bit of information about those she’s with as others often tend to relax around such a non-threatening girl. It has proven to be an effective means of getting close to strangers. It’s getting away from them that seems to be the problem.
Among friends:
Goofy affection would best summarize Kaat’s behavior around those she cares for and trusts. A very all or nothing personality yields hearty giggles, nasal snorts and falling out of chairs with an unsettling frequency. Given her new goals in life, she tends to withhold charity in the form of coin as much as possible but quite willingly offers her time and energy instead. There are very few things to which she finds herself able to refuse when asked with sincerity by her friends and loved ones.
Kaat is both very sexually open and a tad bit naive. Her consensual experiences are limited to only a few men and women, though she has been forcibly taken many times. These previous experiences have led to a submissive streak in which she is hesitant to initiate intimacy, and likewise finds it difficult to refuse advances by others. While she has no issues with self esteem, her personality has developed into a willing/accepting victim mentality. She also has a self-admitted fetish for women's feet, including her own.
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