Kielle and Rielle
Kielle Rielle01
Game Information
Game Name Kielle and Rielle
Title(s) none
Nickname(s) the Twins
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Guild Shadow Company
Professions thieves, mercenaries
Height 1.6m / 5.25ft
Weight 43kg / 95lbs
Build petite
Gender female
Hair black
Eyes amber
Age 18


By most Hyborian standards, neither Kielle or Rielle could ever be considered a beauty. But when together, they both create a striking impression. Identical twins with raven black hair tied back into a long ponytail and amber brown eyes that sparkle with mischief and laughter. Near impossible to tell apart especially since they both take care to dress the same. The twins could both do with a bit more meat on their bones but for what they lack in size, they more than make up with their mischief.

The twins are only identical in appearance, when it comes to personality, they are quite different.

Kielle's PersonalityEdit

Kielle flirt01

Kielle is the charmer and the socializer, the one who can talk to strangers with ease, and finds work for the pair. Kielle has a head for business and as such, she is the one who handles all the monetary affairs for the twins. Unlike Rielle, Kielle has no qualms about taking on darker and more shadier forms of work, as long as the gold is good.

Kielle is the quicker fighter of the pair and skilled in ambushing but she lacks the dedication in practicing her skills and is often scolded by her sister.

Kielle closeup01

Kielle enjoys shopping for clothes, sleeping in, and dancing.

Rielle's PersonalityEdit

Rielle crossarms01

Rielle is older than Kielle by a few minutes and as such takes on the role as the elder sister. She is the one who makes most decisions and the one who takes charge when the pair goes off on an adventure. Rielle is quiet and can be very reserved among strangers.

Rielle uses a crossbow as easily as she wields her daggers and often switches between the two seamlessly. Considered the stronger fighter of the two, Rielle will often sacrifice herself and take the blow meant for her sister. Rielle is often exasperated at her twin’s fondness for shopping at the bazaars.

Rielle closeup01

Rielle enjoys eating, waking up early, and reading.


Hyboria has many brothels scattered across the land. However not all brothels are the same. One particular brothel, run by a kind hearted madam secretly provided shelter for unwed mothers. Kielle and Rielle’s mother was a young noble woman who was disowned by her family when it was discovered that she was pregnant.

The young mother died shortly after childbirth but entrusted her two newborns to the madam’s care. The mother’s dying wish was a better life for her children. That they would grow up as independent women, never having to beg off the streets or work on their backs. The brothel madam kept this promise as best as she could…till now.

The girls are now of an age where they have been getting into mischief and trouble. They seek a mercenary’s lifestyle, using their skills with dagger and knife in exchange for gold. However, they are very young still and despite their confidence, they have much to learn in the art of espionage and assassination.


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