The Kinship
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus PvE
  3rd Focus Roleplay
Size Large
Guild Master Cole
Contacts Zodiac, Martin
City Poitian, Western Location
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone All

General Information Edit

About us Edit

   * Focus:

Having fun and enjoyment is, and always will be, our goal and promise. We will perpetually strive to bring together our family and promote the bonds that we create. As one, we are brothers and sisters fighting for a common goal which is to fulfill our, the family and individual's Adventuring, Socializing, Battling, or Crafting needs.

   * Who we are:

We are a family, made up of brothers and sisters, who believe in camaraderie, fun and loyalty. We are a PvP and PvE, raiding, end-game, and city building guild. We achieve together in a competitive atmosphere yet also wish to achieve balance between all the styles of game play. There are some that also partake in light role play during guild events and gatherings, but there will also be heavier role-play to players who seek it. With our lofty goals we do not want to deter any new members, but as gamers, we want to be competitive within the game that we play.

   * What We Seek:

Success is determined by our brothers and sister members. We want players that friendly, helpful, loyal, and (most of all) mature. They must be able to communicate their opinion respectfully, whether it is negative or positive. They must also be able to act as a team in a organized environment in order to help the family or individual. These are the values that we look in all types, from there, diversity can resume.

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