Lunar Wolf Clan
Guild/Group Guild
Theme A Cimmerian Clan
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvE
Size Small (10+ Active Memebers)
Guild Master Andias
Contacts Eliana, Alic, Fodred, Tuerg
City T1 complete
Teamspeak N/A
Ventrilo N/A
Time Zone Eastern US

=Basic Information= Lunar Wolf is a Heavy RP guild Cimmerians only, brand new with a solid core active players. All Cimmerians of any class of any level are welcome! Lunar Wolf focuses heavily on PvE and intraguild relationships with characters, becoming friends IC as well as OOC. RP outside of guild with other guilds or random RP is also welcomed as well as encouraged. Although we are new, we have strong leadership and a very strong will to become a good moderately sized guild. Like any pack of wild wolves, Lunar Wolf holds their own above all others, outsiders are rarely welcomed with open arms rather met with eyes glaring and teeth bared. But, in times of havoc and chaos, Lunar Wolf is known for lending its warriors, its power to the homeland at a moments notice. Cimmerians oppressed by anything from the Vanir down to the things that lurk in the darkness, Cimmerians who still have that fire inside them to fight! The strength of arms to swing a blade and yet have no blade to swing... Lunar Wolf becomes that blade, and will ravage anything that stands before their fury.

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