Game Information
Game Name Maegan
Nickname(s) Maegan, Meggy, Meg, silly
Race Aquilonian
Class Conqueror
Guild Derketo's Embrace
Professions Soldier, Miner, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith
Height 5'4"
Build Long legged and curvy
Gender Female
Hair black and straight
Eyes blue
Age 24
Alignment Lawful Good


Long, Black flowing hair adorns her head and covers much of her neck. A cross-scar is visible on her forehead, quite probably a scar from a fight with another blade. It has been there a long time and it is evident.

Her legs are long and her skin is soft. Down her back is a tatoo she had given to her, symbolizing her blessings for having lived so long in the military.


She is naturally submissive around anyone with stronger wills - She is however capable of being a leader or someone that can be asked for assistance.

Quiet, most of the time she won't say anything unless asked to or if she has anything to say of worth to a conversation. She is a good listener and a good friend.

Loyal, trustworthy and deeply dedicated to anyone who befriends her. Many times she has come close to death because she refused to leave people to fight for themselves.

To anyone who befriends her, they have a trustworthy friend for life. She would, however also seek to find a peaceful way of doing things before drawing her blade - using her blade as a last resort most of the time.


Five years ago her father sent her off to join the military legions as a swordswoman. Having recently finished her stint, she decided to leave.

She didn't like the military culture nor the danger. Having traveld to Stygia recently, she had heard of the Goddess Derketo. She thought she had finally found what she has always wanted: Family, Sisterhood, Purpose.

Normally, her room in the inn the sisterhood lived in was well kept and maintained perfectly. One morning, two men came to take her back... if one were to now open the door to her room, you'd see that there are signs of a struggle having happened.

a dead mans corpse lay on the far side of the room, a throwing axe firmly lodged in his skull - his body lay slumped over under the windowsill. her bed is unmade and her journal is not found anywhere. her chest is open to reveal it being empty aside from her golden chestpiece and a large greatsword. the chest is now exceedingly light.

a note lay pinned against her wall with the writing in normal aquilonian.

its writing reads "The noble wants his slave of a daughter back. Don't bother finding her. by the time anyone finds this, she will be long gone."

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