Game Information
Game Name Marlith
Nickname(s) Marli
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild Invisible Fist
Height 5'10"
Weight 137lb
Build Slight
Gender Female
Hair Blueish Green
Eyes Gold
Age looks to be mid to late 20s
Alignment Evil


Mysterious and beautiful are the best words to describe Marlith. Her blue green pony-tail flows with her movements as if it where some sort of serpent. Golden eyes show an un natural flicker. she usually wears a cool coy expression on her face, very rarely breaking it. She has two body marks which at first look to be tattoos or body paint yet on closer inspection they show it resembles scorched wood more, however there are no burn marks to suggest even heated steel. The markings on her chest and back take the shape of two serpents wrapping themselves around her, the markings on her face trace the bottom of her left eye swooping down into a hook.


She is a very secretive woman, never giving true or truthful answers about her past. This usually makes her seem cold and quiet, however she is susceptible to drink and good company as anyone else and has been known to get quite into revelry. While her secretive nature keeps her quiet most of the time, she rarely holds back her opinions often forcing them on other people. She is usually quick to fight and kill having a hot temper however if she feels her opponent is too powerful she quits without putting up much of a fight. In all things she does with very few exceptions she acts coy, finding it highly amusing seeing others actions. While she strives to keep the source and nature of her unnatural strength and speed a secret she is often taken off guard letting small things slip, occasionally referring to herself as we, referencing a non existent him, and an odd eye twitch are the most common. Her attitude to others seems to vary from person to person with varying degrees, its as if she simply picks people at random, suddenly becoming drawn to them. While few get to see it, Marlith has a highly sadistic side, reveling in pain and blood especially when she causes it, often enjoying it with a unnatural gleam in her eyes.


Marlith's past is shrouded in the fog of misinformation, assumptions, and lies. However a few grains of fact have trickled through the barriers she has erected. She is alone, she has no biological family. While she looks young and youthful, she is older then she looks, however by how much is uncertain. She also has had this power for most of her life however what the power is and even how old she is has never been pried from her lips. over the years she has been called many things warrior, thief, sorcerer, slave, master, and demon, none of these however truly fit or at least this is what Marlith always says.

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