Game Information
Game Name Neina
Nickname(s) "Girlie" ( I luv you, Scan! ;) )
Race Aquilonian
Class Barbarian
Professions Freelance fighter, Bar Wench (Ex)
Height 5 4"
Weight 105 lbs
Build Thin, but muscular.
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 19 (She doesn't really know)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
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Neina is a short, attractive young girl. Always thought to be younger than she actually is. She wears lightly faded leather garments, but not a lot, so she can stay mobile and agile while in combat.


Neina is a determined, somewhat honest, hardworking person. She isn't afraid of lying to strangers, but it is never for the purpose of aquiring wealth or any completely self serving notions. EX. lying to the city guard to let her in, so she can reach her destination.


Neina doesn't really know what happened to her. She doesn't even really remember her actual name. Found on the outskirts of Tortage by a crazed ex-pirate, who in his mind likened her to his long dead daughter, Neina. He took care of her, and clothed her, teaching her the ethics and morals of an Aquilonian family. Eventually, the Red Hand came for the man, named Randon Dearde, and attempted to execute him on the spot. Instincts that "Neina" didn't even know she had kicked in, and she swiftly picked up the elder pirate's old sabre, and removed the arm of the Red Hand thug's compatriot. By the time she had killed them both, Randon was long dead. Neina was horrified at what she'd done, and she ran off into the city. Later that day, she was found by a traveling Cimmerian, by the name of Scanlon, who unwittingly offered her his friendship, and through it, her own personal redemption. She doubts she'll ever learn of her past, but persists with her new life, ready to take on anything that is thrown at her.

Note: Neina doesn't know a lot of things about herself, so don't be freaked out if a question of age is answered with a sheepish "I don't know." Anywho, I'll be sprucing this up later. (WIP)

((This is COMPLETELY out of date. Disregard everything above, except Girlie. I still luv ya', Scan.))