Pallantia picture001
Game Information
Game Name Pallantia
Nickname(s) Tia
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Professions Priestess
Height 5'3"
Weight 120 pounds
Build petite
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes hazel
Age 20
Alignment Neutral Good


Small in stature, Tia has a tendency to blend in to a crowd without intending to. Her hair falls gently around her face. She is quite easy on the eyes, but she does not seem to notice or care that she is. Her attire is often whatever she has come across in her travels, as she takes what Mitra provides for her.


Palantia dos not seek to change those she meets with a few small words, or a bit of liturgical trivia. She is not interested in converting anyone to Mitra. She believes that the best way to serve her god, is to show his power to any and everyone without question. Since there is already a large priesthood dedicated to the wealthy, powerful, and influential citizens she has decided to take the message to everyone else. Mitra is a proud and noble god, but he is not above helping those in need whatever their lot in life may be. As such Pallantia does not hold any special prejudices, and in fact goes out of her way to confront any that she may have left. Her duty is to help and heal, and to her that is all that matters.


At birth Pallantia was selected by her parents to become a chosen of Mitra. She was ritually tattooed and raised in the church. She spent her youth learning the ways and teachings of Mitra, with the intent of one day assisting a priest in some remote church.

Palantia's first assignment was to travel south and acquire transportation to the Barachan island of Tortage, where she would meet members of the clergy already present. After a fashion she did arrive on the island, and became embroiled in the local problems. Now free of the place, with a newfound respect for the difficulties outside her convent, she intends to help those that are generally forgotten about. She does this not to convert them to Mitra, but merely to show them that every night needs its dawn and in every darkness there should be some light, else why make the distinction at all.

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