Sect of the Black Rose
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
Guild Master Nushi
Contacts Setukhra
Teamspeak None
Ventrilo None
Time Zone Any

Basic InformationEdit

Guild Theme

The Sect of the Black Rose is playing on the theme that it is a Cult of Set. We are looking to be a darker themed adult role play guild but not a purely evil one. Yes... we do not see a cult of set as evil... per say.  :) We do support the use of slaves within the Sect... not really sure what else the pale northerns are good for short of being a good man servant.

Guild chat will be IC and that includes discussions about in game mechanics as well. Such as talking about forming a group for the Sanctum or discussing the ups and downs of some feats. These are very in game related subjects and there fore we feel relates to be IC. Any OOC will need to be bracketed.

The guild goals are simple. To provide a dark ( but fun ) enviroment for those who follow the ways of Set.


If your interested in the Sect simply contact one of the Officers. They will be happy to setup a time to meet with you. Also please visit the website and say hello.

Please note that if your character is not Stygian then you will need a good Role Play story in order to find yourself admited into the Sect. We love our Role Play

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