Sentrosi Alagosir
Game Information
Game Name Sentrosi
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild Jericho
Professions Weaponsmith and Gem-cutter
Height 6'10"
Weight 215
Build lean muscular
Gender Male
Hair brown rooster top
Eyes light brown
Age 32


Sentrosi Alagosir is 6' 10" tall and weighs in around 215lbs. His lean muscular physique bears mute testimony to the cosmic powers of his demonic lord Xolti. He ritualistically shaves most of his hair off leaving only a small patch upon his head. With his long, well maintained facial hair representing his status within the Stygian borders, he is both feared and respected by his fellow countrymen.


"Some scholars say that the riddle of steel is that it is the flesh that is more powerful than steel. I disagree. The flesh wields the steel. But it is reason that controls the wielding. Flesh, by itself, holds no meaning unless there is reasoning behind it. Men die wielding blades everyday. What controls their actions? Does the flesh just thrust the blade into flesh by itself? No. It is the reasoning behind the flesh that controls the blade. And thus the riddle of steel is answered. It is not flesh that controls the blade, but the reason behind it that controls it."

"I must become one with the blade I wield. Once committed to the fight I must become the blade. The blade and I are one. One purpose, one being, one entity. It is my duty, my calling, my hunger. Nothing else."

Arrogant and demanding of everyone he runs into. He is introspective, preferring his own company to those who have not proven themselves to him. You can usually find him forging blades in the blacksmiths shop most of the day. He finds that forming the blades under his careful hands gives them a soul, an entity.

His respect is hard to earn, but once accomplished it becomes a life long bond.


In an age and time long ago, before the Serpent God Set himself was born, there was a time in the universe that power was worshipped. That power was manifested by my patron Xolti. Xolti held within his grasp true cosmic power. And, with that power Xolti ruled both the heavens and the earth. What greater glory can there be than to give oneself wholy to the great god Xolti? I hunger for that same power. Power is absolute. Power is control. Who cares what waits for me when I die? I have made my pact with Xolti. And he has blessed me with the will and means to do his will in this place. With this blade I wield, and the cosmic powers of Xolti himself, will I carve for myself a place in this world, and be damned in the next.

This band of rogues, priests and warriors I am with now, this band calling themselves Jericho, seem to have accepted me as one of their own. Perhaps it is here that I can finally carve a niche for in this world. Perhaps here, they will listen.

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