Shongo Dambuwe of Kush
Game Information
Game Name Khez
Nickname(s) Oto-u, Hapshetsut, Drimloc, Rasep-Ratep, Jasanka, Loro, Khezmat (Khez)
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Professions None yet
Height 6'
Weight 140lbs
Build Slender
Gender Male
Hair Bleached
Eyes Browns
Age 31
Alignment Chaotic Good


Shongo is of average height, but slight build, though not emaciated. His hair is neatly and intricately braided in long bleached locks as is his goatee. He has a timid posture, almost bordering on paranoid looking, constantly rubbing the backs of his hands.


Shongo's mannerisms appear mildly eccentric. His dialect is very inconsistant, jumping from Stygian, to Kushite, to Zingaran, or even Cimmerian sometimes. He seldom trusts anyone and will not even release his real name to those he just met. A passing respect will merit a false name, but only those he considers a true trustworthy friend are told his real name: Shongo Damubwe of Kush, but are never allowed to call him by it.

He fancies himself to be prophetic and obsesses over destiny from time to time. Though claiming precognition, he seldom is able to prove it, only appearing even more ridiculous and eccentric.


Largely unknown at the time. What little is known is that he travels much and covers up his origins with facades, false accents, and never being known by the same name to different people.

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