Game Information
Game Name Tafne
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild Harlots of the Pirate Isles
Professions Harlot, Priestess of Set
Height 5'4"
Build Small, Voluptuous
Gender Female
Hair Cream
Eyes Yellow/Green
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Good


Tafne is very short, has yellow-green eyes, and is a pale skinned Stygian indicating she is perhaps of a noble family. She is only about five feet, four inches tall and is quite thin. Her small frame is highlighted by an above average bust size for a woman of her height. Tafne has a few tattoos, first her common style eyeliner was tattooed on and second, she has a tattoo on her right shoulder symbolizing vigor. Lastly Tafne's hair is oddly lightly colored like her skin, making her stand out amongst other Stygians.


Tafne can be quite shy and has become known for blushing quite a bit as she often finds herself embarrassed. She is normally quite cheerful and does often joke using sarcasm or innuendo. With more unruly people Tafne sometimes uses her Stygian-born sharp tongue, although upon cooling down afterwords she often regrets it. Around people Tafne doesn't know or is not used to talking to she can sometimes get very quite unless spoken to directly. She does not recall her parents as well as much of the teaching of Set, although she has an innate sense of how to cast the spells she was taught.


Tafne was chosen at a young age to become a follower of Set. She was taken from her parents to a temple where she was taught the ways of Set and shown how to heal others, as well as call down his fury. After many years of study and training in the temple it came under siege by troops from Thoth-Amon's army. Tafne was captured along with many others, branded and subjected to the testing mental torture through spells that shattered some of her memories. After almost a year she was to be moved with other survivors of treatment similar to hers as well as a cargo of slaves. Fortune would find her this day as the ship would sink during a storm, nearly drowning her, but granting her freedom.

After being freed from captivity she found herself without money or food and has found it exceedingly difficult to get by. With little in the way of options she turned to a guild whose members sometimes performed dealings, shady in nature. Although being completely honest with herself the idea excited her and she cursed Thoth-Amon's followers and their mind manipulation, blaming them for her excitement towards such things.

Much of the torture she went through in her past has been been blacked out from her mind, remembering little of pains she received except that it did indeed happen; her mind's attempt to keep her sane. With each passing day and the reuse of her abilities she slowly pieces back together her memories of the teaching of Set although she fears the earlier memories of her family are lost forever.

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