The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active in-game.

Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvE
  2nd Focus City
  3rd Focus PvP
Size 15+ Active Members
Guild Master Jaumunthut
Contacts Jaumunthut or Neayn, in-game
Ventrilo We utilize Ventrilo
Time Zone All timezones represented, though endgame will be based on PST

We are most likely closing our doors, no new applications will be accepted at this time.

In the beginning, there was naught but the shadows, and in the end, it will be all that remains.

Greetings all. We are Tenebrae, an Age of Conan guild on the Wiccana server. We are a group that is comprised of players with a wealth of MMO experience, and while some of us have forged friendships elsewhere, as many are creating these same ties here. We will focus on endgame PvE, but seige warfare (PvP) is of interest as well. We are in-process of putting up our Tier 1 City, currently we have all buildings up, and a few gate and tower sections completed. We're working on the outer walls. I don't plan on holding a Battlekeep for long, but if the interest is there, we will try our hand at defending. Rather, our interest lies more in taking the offensive in these conflicts, and watching the palaces of our foes burn to the ground.

We have a mature, friendly, team-oriented atmosphere. We are yet small, but have an active player base that likes to play together. We learn our classes, and play them well. We learn of each other, so we may act as a unit. No forced classes, specs or professions; play what you like.

We have a Ventrilo site for those that prefer it, while others enjoy the immersion experience. Our forums facilitate further communication and coordination, and we're working on a nice front page.

Tenebrae is RP-friendly, and while there are sporadic bouts in guild chat, it remains largely OOC (out-of-character.) We welcome Role-players, Loremasters, Crafters, PvE'rs and those interested in endgame PvP. Currently our recruiting is in an open but selective status. I intend to grow, but not through blind invitations, this is a quality greater than quantity pursuit and it will serve its members well.

Maturity is a must, most of our players are 20+ (with many 30+.) Ability to take direction, and sense of team, a must. Sense of humor optional, but recommended.

For endgame activities, no rigid schedule has yet been set, though I imagine a few days a week of scheduled activity, to be a mix of activities. I am based PST and work a 9am-5pm schedule most days, and while all time zones are welcome (and represented), most activities will be based off of this general schedule. That said, our schedule will remain relatively casual. While we'd like to achieve certain things, this is recreation, not a second job.

If this sounds to be of interest to you, please register on our forums to introduce yourself, send a tell to Jaumunthut or Neayn in-game, or pm Jauless on the official AoC forums. I have questions for you, and welcome them from you as well.

-Jaumunthut, Guildmaster

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