Terathul Callatep
Game Information
Game Name Terathul
Title(s) Chaos Lord
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild Eternal Coil
Gender male
Hair black
Eyes sage green
Age 30's
Alignment evil


Terathul bears tattoos of his station, under his eyes as the leader of the Sect calling themselves Eternal Coil, aka Keepers of the Vault of Callatep. On his chest he bears the tattoo of his demon-god Callatep. He has black hair and sage-green eyes that are known to dilate when he is in contact with his demon-god. He is also suspected to be a little...unhinged.


Terathul is usually quiet, serious, and bears an ever-present smirk. he is well mannered, if not brusque at times. He has waited many years for his destiny to begin, and now that it has, he has little patience for those that want to shake his authority.


Terathul comes from an ancient bloodline bearing the name of their patron god, the demon named Callatep. Long ago their home became an estate, the estate grew to a city, and eventually the city fell as the followers lost their faith in their god. As Callatep waited many centuries for a new Chosen One to arrive, the city of Callatep fell to ruin, buried under the sands. In time the sands were covered by swamp. Callatep's Chosen One, Terathul was finally born and the demon-god spent most of Terathul's life cultivating his protege while also setting in motion the arrival of the woman they would use as a "key" to their ensured success to a return to power.

Callatep told Terathul of the Dancing Lily, who would become his Desert Lily, Terathul's promised consort and mother of his children promised in prophecy by Callatep. The demon spoke of a new Order and promised all that followed them would find whatever is their "greatest desire," asking each, "What do you desire most."

Terathul searched for the Dancing Lily for ten years, finally being drawn to Tortage where he found, captured and collared her on the beach after the ship she was on sank. His capturing her actually saved her, as she was a virgin bound to bleed to death upon the sacrificial altar of Mithrelle to appease a volcano god.

Terethul's history is written, much through the eyes of his Ordained Consort Calily of Calla and their story can be found at Sahib of Calla


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