Basic Information
Race Demigod
Title(s) The Dark Lord
Nickname(s) Shadow
Height Varies, between 6' and 7'
Weight Unknown
Gender Apperars male
Eyes Red
Age Ancient
Creator David Hunter
Players With Interest Takel. Members of Vashta Nerada


The Dark One appears as a tall humanoid cloaked in black garb. Nothing can be seen of his face except a dark void of darkness, punctured only by two glowing red eyes.


Shadow is obsessed with gaining a position of power within the world once more. He has begun to work through his agents in the group Vashta Nerada to achieve his ends. He has shown himself to be very skilled with magic, and has access to many unique and long lost spells.


His history is as mysterious as the Vashta Nerada are. Some believe him to be a demon. Others believe that he was once a powerful wizard whom ascended to a form of Lichdom. Takel believes him to be a former Atlantian God, stripped of most of his power and seeking, at long last, to regain a place in the world. Whatever the truth, he seems to hold a grudge against Set and is careful to move quietly and in secret to avoid drawing too much attention.

For now.

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