The Hedonists
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Role-playing
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvE
  3rd Focus PvP
Guild Master Gliss
Contacts Gliss, Hepkaba, Ankhesamun, Carin
City Hedonia Springs: Tier 2, Lacheish Plains, Instance 8
Time Zone Eastern-Pacific, Oceanic

Basic InformationEdit

The Hedonists offer a home to women from all over Hyboria, and beyond. The guild is based at the town of Hedonia Springs, in the Lacheish Plains of Cimmeria (to take advantage of the nearby hot springs).

In the spirit of hedonism and sisterhood, our primary purpose is to promote an enjoyable ingame experience for our sisters and to actively support each other whenever possible. We are a fairly laid back guild, with all significant decisions made by consensus if possible, or vote if not. Current membership is over sixty characters, with an active core of nearly two dozen.

We are a role-playing guild. All guild chat is considered in character, unless otherwise specified. As some of that role-play can be of a mature nature, and to generally help ensure mature behaviour within the guild, membership is only open to players over the age of majority.

Characters need to be female, over the age of eighteen, and should ideally have a description or backstory (posted either on the guild forums or on this wiki). If you are interested in joining our sisterhood, please go to the recruitment thread on The Hedonists website or contact any member ingame.

Ingame contactsEdit

Gliss - Guildmistress

Hepkaba - Assistant Guildmistress

Ankhesamun - Recruitment

Carin - Event Co-ordinator

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