Game Information
Game Name Valgrimir
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Guild The Circle of the Wolf
Professions Alchemy, Gemcutting
Height 6'0"
Weight 233lbs
Build medium height, thin
Gender Male
Hair graying, originally blonde
Eyes blue
Age 54
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Typically wrapped in leather armor of some sort, Valgrimir is rarely not ready for a battle. His hair, though graying can still be seen as a light blonde. He braids it every morning along with his beard. He wears on his body the the paint of hunting and knowledge, the two things he most excels at as a shaman.


Valgrimir has since wizened in his old age, where he once was a brash youth he now has the calm and clarity to never lose control. He firmly believes in the path of a Shaman and is thankful to be still useful in his old age. He always has a air of calm about him. He can be quite jovial when he sits around a campfire telling stories and legends of his village.


Valgrimir has lived in Cimmeria all his life, he originally was from Conarch Village, but eventually setteled in the Connall Valley when he had his first child Tyrgrimir, at age twenty six. Three years later he had his second child, this time a daughter Aliea. Valgrimir’s wife died giving childbirth to Aliea so he had to raise both children on his own. He trained both of his children to fight, first teaching them both how to hunt, then eventually teaching them the ways of the warrior. He is proud of both children as they have both followed the path of the warrior and they fight for their village against the Vanir. It was once he settled in the Connall Valley that Valgrimir started on the path of the bear shaman. Until recently he had been the bear shaman of his village but he has finally trained his next apprentice to take on the full responsibilities of being a shaman for the village. Though he no longer is shaman for the village he continues to fight the Vanir for the sake of his home. Recently he was recruited by the Circle of the Wolf, at the recommendation of his own son. He now puts his skills as a healer and shaman to use under the banner of the Circle of the Wolf.

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