Vashta Nerada
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Mercenary
Primary Focus PvE
  2nd Focus Roleplay
Size Small
Guild Master Takel
Contacts Selona,Vandra, Nordmaar, Lothaar
City Babal Nasar (poitain, instance 27)
Teamspeak No
Ventrilo No
Time Zone All Major US
Website Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada was formed by the necromancer Takel after he fled into exile from Khemi. Traveling to unknown places, Takel made contact with someone only referred to as The Dark One. This being granted to Takel unique powers and magic, in return for his help and service. Takel began to recruit and bring to him powerful warriors, mages, thieves and priests, and brought them all into the Shadows.

In many respects, Vashta Nerada seems to be a mercenary unit. They will often hire themselves out for almost menial tasks, from delivery and protection to more marital things like aiding Cimmeria against the Vanir. They have also shown themselves to not be above more sinister tasks such as theft and assassination. Such acts only lend themselves to the mystique of the group.

However, beneath the surface, they are much more then mercenaries. Takel speaks to the Dark One, and works towards his mysterious plan. What that plan is, none will say, but behind the walls of Babal Nasir, something is stirring.

(OOC we are a Casual/Light RP group. While we do have a lot of lore for the group, we only ask that members be open to RP and not disrupt it. Forum registration is required, and we ask that it take place within 7 days of joining. We look to be in AoC for a long time and want to do whatever we can to help players reach their goals.)

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