Game Information
Game Name Zbavra
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild Hedonists, The
Height 5' 8"
Weight 138 lbs.
Build Athletic
Gender Female
Hair White
Eyes Yellow
Age 22
Alignment Evil


Zbavra is a taller than average Stygian, her skin the color of chestnut with firm breasts, a flat stomach and round, toned buttocks. Her long, white hair is a striking contrast to her dark-toned flesh and her eyes are a strangely-hued pale yellow, almost hypnotic. In keeping with her heritage and faith she has tattooed both her face and body with symbols acknowledging Set as her master. Serpents interweave across her shoulders and neck to meet, face to face on her large, round breasts. She wears very little armour or clothing at all, but always has her khopesh and shield at the ready to slay those who have displeased her dark god.


Zbavra is a dark manipulator and zealot to Set. She serves him in all things and takes pleasure in extremes when he grants it. A demogogue, Zbavra is always happy to help listeners on the path to enlightment, a path that leads to Set. She can also be a fierce warrior, a bloodthirsty conqueror who brings both the sword and Set's power of the heavens against her enemies.


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